Who are We:

Precision Dose is a FDA registered producer of unit-dose pharmaceutical products. Pioneers of unit dosing, Precision Dose provides a wide range of oral liquid medications in both unit-dose cups and pre-filled oral syringes as well as tablets in unit-dose blister cards.

Our management team consists of highly specialized professionals with decades of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing, repackaging and distribution. From operations, to quality/compliance to marketing, the Precision Dose team is committed to meeting your unit dose needs.

Key Contacts :  
Robert Koopman President
Kenny Harrington VP, Sales and Marketing
Melissa Edge VP, Procurement
Group Contracts & Marketing:  
Dave Whipple National Account Manager
Denise Speracino Contracts/Marketing Representative
Denise Hoaglund Sales/Marketing Assistant


The Precision Dose product line includes a wide variety of solution, syrup and suspension oral medications in unit-dose cup or oral syringe form as well as tablets and capsules in unit-dose blister cards.

The PrecisionDose product line features:

Custom molded plastic cups engineered for ease of opening, accurate dosage delivery and shelf space reduction.

Individual bar coding (NDC Number) on all cups, oral syringes and blister cards.

Release testing on each batch for chemical and microbial integrity.

Deliverable volume testing in accordance with USP standards.

Label color and layout differentiation for more accurate product identification.